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Sweet (True, #2)

Sweet (True, #2) - Erin McCarthy ARC provided courtesy of Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Before we start, STOP! Have you read True, the first book in the series? Although the main characters in this book aren’t the same, there is much that goes on that you will need to know and understand beforehand. Not to mention it is an awesome book!

I have been in a trend lately, reading series, where I end up loving the second book far more than the first. I adore when a book far exceeds your expectations, setting your heart on a rollercoaster you never want to get off. Sweet is all of that and so much more!

Because Riley seemed to be the one person who could get an emotional response out of me, even if it was just anger. And emotions were dangerous. They led to being trapped, like my mother, in the pretty prison of my father’s house. I was never going to let that happen.

Sweet is the delectable, sassy, and honest journey of Jessica and Riley. Riley is the older brother of Tyler from True and Jessica is one of the best friends of Rory. For most of the book, we are privy to solely the interactions of Jessica and Riley. Trust me though, they more than make up for the lack of any other characters. Jessica is busy running from her morals while Riley is holding steadfast to his.

“Never ask someone to tell you who you are. You tell them.”

For as strong as she may seem to others, Jessica is a pile of insecurities and self doubt. She refuses to stand up to her extremely over-bearing (that’s putting it lightly) parents, and show them who she truly is. She is a great person, full of love, honor, compassion, and unbridled honesty. Riley believes in one thing : family. For this he will sacrifice anything, even his own happiness. He lives and breathes for his brothers, pushing everything else to the side. He fears that he isn’t enough, and struggles with guilt over the death of his mother and the love that most wouldn’t have for as horrible of a woman as she was.

I half expected water to suddenly drop from the ceiling and land on him for a perfect package of gorgeous wet skin and finish me off completely. The Wicked Witch had nothing on me when it came to melting.

Jessica and Riley perfect the game of cat and mouse, dancing around each other like hot potatoes, neither willing to make the first move. Jessica is only willing for a fun time, but Riley wants more. This alone shocked me as usually it is the other way around. Usually the man is pursuing, and the woman constantly thwarting his advances. It was refreshing, sweet, and so terribly swoon worthy!

“I guess we’re both fu**ed, huh?” “Looks that way.” “Then I guess it’s a damn good thing we found each other.” It was.

I will not give away any more details. This books MUST be experienced. I believe there is going to be at least one more book in the series, possibly two more. This story will definitely leave you will your heart full of love, hope, and possibility. It isn’t cookie cutter, but the best romances aren’t. A 5 star read from me, and I cannot wait to read more from this author!

“It’s not a pretty place on the ground. Life gets a little ugly in the details, but up here, taken as a whole, you realize the world can be pretty awesome.”