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Treasure Your Love (Surrender Your Love, #3)

Treasure Your Love (Surrender Your Love, #3) - J.C. Reed I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

“All beginnings are scary, like all endings are sad, but that’s the journey and everything in between is worth experiencing.”

Well, we have finally come to the end of our journey, and what a rollercoaster of emotions it has been! We pick back up two week later from where we left of in Conquer Your Love. When I say that you don’t want to miss a word, be sure to heed my warning. This book was literally chocked FULL of twists and turns. Just when you think you are finished learning and nothing more could shock you, it does! Treasure Your Love was the perfect blend of erotic passion, unbridled mystery, and everlasting love.

“It’s called being in love, I guess. You simply treasure what you want to keep.”

One of the most delicious things about this book was that we finally got the chance to peel off all the layers of Jett. I won’t go into detail about them, for you deserve to learn them on your own, but they were SO worth the wait. This man carries many burdens and is continually plagued with unwarranted guilt. I LOVED that we got to see he had a life outside of Brooke as well, because even though you are in love, you should always have time for friends. That was a strong theme throughout the series; having others you could trust and lean on in times of need.

To taste happiness in pieces and then have it taken from you, leaving behind nothing but jaded memories that are like bullets, tearing you open, wounding you, scattering you into a million fragments – I wasn’t sure I was ready for that just yet.

We get about 10 seconds of HOT HOT HOT before being tossed to the wolves. Grab on tight and hold on. Don’t blink or you will miss out. When it seems as though you will never get your head above the water, don’t fear. Throughout it all, love is always there. First we had to learn to let go and surrender it, then through mishaps and miscommunications and half truths we had to conquer it. Now that we are at the final point in our journey, the only thing left to do is to hold on for dear life and treasure it. J.C. Reed has brought us full circle with this couple. Solid 5 stars for this book, and a resounding 5 stars for the entire series!!

“I want you to know that if you fall, I’ll fall. You belong with me, and everything we do, we’re doing together.”