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Left Drowning - Jessica Park The title of this book couldn't be more perfect because that is exactly how I feel right now. Left drowning....in my emotions. From start to finish, this books slowly heals you, only to deliver a swift blow to knock you back down. But don't fret. Then you are right back up again to start the cycle all over. There are so many depths to this story, from Blythe and Chris, to Sabin, Eric, Estelle, Zack and James. Blythe and Chris may be the main characters, but my heart belonged to Sabin. He is the first of the four siblings you meet, and I just LOVE the relationship that he and Blythe have <3 Such a phenomenal story, from the way everything weaves in and out, to the love, triumph over adversity, strength of character, to redemption. <br/>
Above all, I believe this story is about family. Not just the ones that you are born with, but the ones that are brought into your life, and you are lucky enough to join. Make this your next book to be read. You will NOT be sorry.....