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Something's Come Up

Something's Come Up - Andrea Randall,  Michelle  Pace I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Giving a rat’s ass caused me issue after irritating issue for a lot of my childhood. So after my mom died, I quit caring. Gave it up for Lent and never looked back.

Once I heard that this book was in the works I could NOT WAIT to experience the melding of minds that is Michelle Pace and Andrea Randall. Through various book groups, I have come to know both the ladies over the past year. Let me tell you; they are some kick-ass chicks! Snarky, funny, honest to a fault, and simply put, AWESOME. I am familiar with both of their writing styles as I have read all their books, some more than once. Both authors have collaborated with other authors previously, and I was curious to see the outcome of their epic merging. Sufficed to say, Something’s Come Up far surpassed anything I could have imagined.

Good old Pace. Six feet and four inches of ripped, ebony sex god. Tasty, tattooed, and oozing testosterone.

I am not even going to lie. There is very little romance in this book. What is there then you ask? TONS of sexy, fun banter and plenty of panty-dripping excursions. Randall and Pace have a fluidity of writing that puts you in the story. There are many points in the book where I found myself needing a fan and a cold shower. Sexually descriptive, yet not vulgar, Something’s Come Up give you erotica with an actual story. The sexiness aside, what I really loved about this book was the repartee between Steph and Pace. They both give as well as they take, and boy do they ever give! I found myself smiling throughout the entire book and even laughing out loud at some parts.

“Cat got your tongue, Cary?”
“Interesting choice of words, given what I’m about to do to you.”

This story stars Steph Brier from Michelle Pace’s Sound Wave series and Pace Turner from Andrea Randall’s November Blue series. Having devoured both series, I loved hearing about interactions I didn’t previously know existed. The storyline isn’t forced and it fits into each series flawlessly. If you haven’t read either or both series, don’t fret. While you don’t HAVE to in order to understand what is going on, you definitely SHOULD because they are just that good! Both series have new books coming out in the next few weeks and I cannot wait! I loved getting to know more about Pace, as he is only briefly in the November Blue series. I look forward to seeing more of him in the future.

“That’s how I’ll come, with your legs around my waist and your back trusting the glass. But first I’ll let you watch the city below as you scream my name.”

There is little to no angst in this book, so look forward to a fun and sexy read. Worth every penny and more, I will always snatch up anything these authors write! 5 mouth-watering, red hair a blazing, chocolate sex god in waiting stars! I know you will enjoy it as much as I did ;-)