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Ambrosia (Book Boyfriend, #2) - Erin Noelle So, I devoured this book! The small things I felt the first one lacked, this one MORE than made up for! For the first time in my book reading history, I honestly cannot choose which man she should be with. And if I can't choose, I cannot imagine what Scarlett is going to do.....

One one hand, Ash is her soul mate. We know that, he knows that, she knows that, hell, even Mason knows that. And I understand why he tried to stay away and just be friends. He thought he wasn't good enough. He thought he was like his father. He wanted her to experience life. But dang if she isn't dead set on jumping from one proverbial bed to another! I was so pissed at him in Metamorphosis, because this could have all been solved so easily. But then that wouldn't make for a good book ;-) I fell in love with Ash in this book though. And that is saying a lot seeing as he isn't in it nearly as much as the first one.

Mason, oh bad boy rocker who really just wants to be with his angel. While Ash wore his pain on the inside, Mase kept his on the outside, for everyone to see. I am rooting for them, I really am. I was so overjoyed for them to enter this intent on honesty and working through their stuff. And then pissed as all get out for miscommunication to get in the way!! Why does that always happen?! Assumptions lead to bad decisions, which lead to worse decisions, and before you know it, everyone involved is broken and you can't even remember how it all began.

I will say that right up until the end, Erin keeps you guessing. You finally feel like you know where we are headed, and then BOOM. In classic Erin Noelle bomb dropper status, another one hits. Even then you think you know where everything is going, but with a whole other book to go, who knows..... Anxiously awaiting to see how this all turns out. I want them BOTH to be happy and loved, but where does that leave the other one.......