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Backstage Pass (Sinners on Tour, #1) - Olivia Cunning So this is the second time I have read this book. The last one in the series just came out, so I am in the process of re-reading and reviewing them all.

Right out of the gate, page one, Olivia drops you into mega sexual territory. In this book we meet Myrna and the Sinner guys; Brian, Sed, Jace, Eric, and Trey. More about the other guys later, this book is all Bryan and Myr.

When I say this is the hottest series I have ever read, I am in no means embellishing. Be prepared to have extra undergarments handy, because you will need them! Behind all the hot sex, and trust me there is plenty, you find a hopeless romantic who is constantly searching for the one who will complete him and be true. Then you have a strong, independent, yet broken woman, who will learn that sometimes even when you didn't know you were looking, the right one will find you.

I devoured this book in a matter of hours and I know you will too!