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The Redemption of Callie & Kayden - Jessica Sorensen Oh Callie! Oh Kayden! My heart just breaks into a million little pieces for them. They come so far, together and separately, in this book, yet they have so far to go still.

We start off Redemption in a very dark place, and stay there for at least half of the book. Things look so bleak for our favorite lighting stricken couple. Through their love for each other, even though neither will utter the words, we watch them slowly come into themselves, and become stronger.

In the end, there is no cliffhanger, but we are still left with so many questions. What will become of Caleb? What of Kayden's parents? What about Kayden's brother? What about the bombshell (though not that shocking) we learned about Luke's sister? What are Luke and Violet's stories (because you KNOW they have good ones)? And will Set stay sassy, poetic, and strong as he always is?

Only time will tell.....