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Rock Hard - Olivia Cunning This is the second time I have read this book, and it only got better! Welcome to the story of the man whore with a heart of gold Sed, and the stubborn as crap yet endearing Jessica. Jessica and Sed were together before the band hit it big, and due to stubbornness, and misunderstandings between both parties, they split up two years ago.

Jessica and Sed. Whew..... Have a fan handy, because this is one alpha male that will have your heart AND your panties melting! Sed and Jess are exhibitionists. They like to tour whatever city they are in, and have sex whenever the mood strikes, which is constantly. Let me tell you, these people must take excellent vitamins ;-)

With each book I read in the series, the story line continues to delve deeper into each character. I am in LOVE with this series and I can't get enough!