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Wicked Beat - Olivia Cunning So I have decided to revise my earlier claim when reviewing Jace's book. Eric is officially my favorite Sinner!! Wicked Beat is the story of Eric and Rebekkah. I have been looking forward to learning more about Sticks ever since Sinners started. I was most definitely not disappointed!

I love how both of these characters feel that they are broken, and no one will ever love them. Eric, for the first time, and Rebekkah, again. I didn't realize it until this book, but I love how Olivia writes strong women. Not only are they strong, but they are confident in their relationships with their strong men. These couples support each other, heal each other, sex the hell out of each other ;-) Oh yeah, the sex was off the charts in this book. Let's just say they is a certain bathroom scene towards the end that will come out of nowhere..... Whew...

I am off now to re-read the last book in the series.