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Tug of War - K. Larsen ARC received from author in exchange for an honest review for SMI Bookclub.

I will be the first to admit that I wasn’t sure that to think coming into this book. I read the blurb, and while it intrigued me, I wasn’t hooked. Whew…..was I ever wrong! Imagine this. You are just sitting there, moseying along, minding your own business, then WHAM! Total book punch. Take all your expectations and throw them right out the window. Grab your preconceived notions and prepare to be rocked. This book had depth, ridiculous amounts of swoon, slightly screwed yet stable friendships, and an eight year old you will want to adopt. This was my first book from this author, to say I was blown away is a severe understatement.

Why does this man smell so delicious and why does he make my blood boil?

If ever a book so fully encompassed its’ title, this would be it. Tug of War is the story of Clara and Sawyer, Clara and Sawyer and Allie, Clara and Allie, and Clara and Dom. Sound confusing? You will find yourself switching teams, screaming at Clara, wanting to hug her, hell, wanting to hug them all. There is so much back story into these characters, but it really needs to be read in succession to do it justice.

“I want more than just your body and I’m willing to wait until you’ll give it.”

Dom. Oh Dom <3 He comes off as cocky, arrogant, and self assured. But underneath those layers is just a man who wants to love this woman. This strong, yet fragile and broken infuriating woman. For a man who has it all, he just wants what money cannot buy: love. To the business world be may seem calm and collected, but factor Clara into the equation and he becomes completely unhinged! Not in an abusive way, just in a crazy alpha male in love way. You know, the best way.<br/>
“I’m not a cheap lay Clara. I don’t want one night, I want all of them.”

Words just simply flow out of this man’s mouth, that were you not there to witness, you would never expect it. I won’t lie and say that he is perfect, in fact, he is far from it! There are things that happen towards the end that I am not happy with. Not on a storyline level, but the character himself. Were I to come face to face with him, you know, if he were real, I would slap him. Then jump his bones. Then slap him again. That’s just how I roll. But he would deserve it, and he would know why. Through all the passion, love, and friendship in this book, one of the main themes is miscommunication. Ugh….. Assumptions, insecurity, fear, and distrust all rule emotions in this book. It is portrayed so deliciously and real that you will find yourself simultaneously furiously turning the page and at the same time not wanting it to be over. This is how well K. Larsen weaves this tale. You don’t know whether you are coming or going, you just know you don’t want to stop!

“Trust me, when I woke up today, I had plans to be awesome, but…shit happens.”

I highly recommend this book and it is a definite 5 star read for me!