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Finding Cinderella - Colleen Hoover Stop whatever you are reading or doing right now, and go get this book. I implore you! You want to read it, no, you NEED to read it. I am having a hard time forming my many thoughts into words to convey just how FANTASTIC this book was! The emotions that she conveys in so little pages are nothing short of brilliant. I know I shouldn’t expect anything less from Colleen, but every time I read her newest book and I think it can’t get better than this……it does. I actually feel bad for the books I read next, because the bar has been raised HIGH!

Her laugh is intoxicating and I try to think of how I can get her to do it again.

So a few months ago after I devoured Losing Hope, I immediately went to my Facebook book group and raved that she should do a book for Daniel and Six. Even though they had little interaction (that we knew of) in Hopeless and Losing Hope, I could envision that she had a story to tell for them. They literally jumped off the page, and to love someone more than Sky and Holder is a tall feat to accomplish. I read this book, and left thinking, Sky and Holder who??

“I’m sorry about your broken heart,” she whispers loudly. She ducks back into her bedroom and the window closes.
What broken heart? I’m pretty sure this is the first time my heart has actually felt any form of relief since the moment I started dating Val.

We begin the story in a maintenance closet, with two people looking for love in all the wrong places. Two people lost in the world, trying to find themselves, yet not knowing which way to turn. Flash forward one year and they meet again. I won’t give away any more story line details, because trust me when I say that this tale needs to be experienced firsthand. Each page was PACKED with snarky quips, heartbreaking angst, devastating honesty, friendship, trust, and that was just the prologue!

Our mouths meld together like they used to be in love and they’re just now seeing each other for the first time in years.

I actually tried to read this book slower than normal, which for me was still pretty fast, because I DID NOT want it to end! I could have easily, and happily, read another thousand pages of Daniel and Six. The banter between him and his parents cracked me up, and I loved that they were that honest and real with their kids. Towards the end, I FELT those emotions to my core! The rocked me on my tail, taking me to depths I didn’t know a book could deliver, and it is going to take a while to dig back out. Even though their story was short, I feel like it packed in everything little thing it could, all over a short time span. There aren’t enough positive adjectives to describe how much I love this book. 1000 star rating from me!!!