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Trust in Me (Wait for You, #1.5)

Trust in Me (Wait for You, #1.5) - J. Lynn,  Jennifer L. Armentrout I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Shortcake was staring at me, her eyes a wealth of secrets. Our gazes locked and something infinite passed between us, a spark I swore I could almost see with my eyes.

Honestly, Wait for You was one of my top reads of the year. I read it back in March, and devoured every last word. I lived and breathed the characters, completely immersing myself into their world. The language and tone in which Jennifer Armentrout writes is just so inviting. You aren’t simply reading a book, you are LIVING it. You dread turning the page only because it means you are that much closer to the end, and even the moments when nothing is necessarily happening are never dull. You feel every single emotion the characters do, every prick of pain. The relief, the sadness, the joy, the hope, the lust, and the peace. It will ALL hit you ten-fold when you read a book of hers, no matter the subject.

Avery was such a mystery to me; a paradox of innocence and allure-a mystery I was determined to solve.

Because I love the book so much, I did a re-read of Wait for You before starting on Trust In Me. When I first read WfM I didn’t know there WOULD be an alternate point-of-view (POV) book. So this time while reading it, I found myself anticipating reading certain scenes from Cam’s POV. Needless to say, I was NOT disappointed. Hell, if anything, I fell in love with him all the more. There is something about hearing what goes through a man’s mind that makes me melt. EVERY TIME. Having just read WfM, I skimmed through a lot of the dialogue between him and Cam, but there were actually quite a few scenes that were new to this book. Not only were there new scenes between Cam and Avery, but we got to see a different perspective of his relationship with Jase, Ollie, Theresa, and his parents. Trust in Me sets us up really well for the next book, which will be about Theresa and Jase, and I CAN.NOT.WAIT!

The one thing I’d asked from Avery was the one thing she couldn’t give me. Nothing, not even love, would work without trust.

Cam Hamilton is a character that will forever hold a piece of my heart. The way he selflessly cares for others, protects fiercely, loves madly. And don’t even get me started on his cockiness and sense of humor. There honestly wasn’t one thing I would change about him. They say you never forget your first, and while I may end up loving future couples in this series, I will always come back to Cam <3<br/>
For the sheer fact that I will NEVER get enough Cam, this book gets a 5 star rating from me. I cannot wait to see what happens next in the books 